Top 10 Cities with Highest Quality of Life in USA

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Top 10 Cities with Highest Quality of Life in USA .
From the west to the east, north to the south, every country has a different race, lifestyle, religion and quality of life. Usually, the well-developed countries like United States of America, Canada, Germany and more are known to have the highest lifestyle. And often than not, they brag cities showcasing the beauty and development of the entire country.
According to the Quality of Life survey made by the Numbeo, it showed the cities in the United States showcasing the life of its citizens. From its historical sites, museums, national parks, beaches and tourist attractions to the Rocky Mountains, stunning lakes and breath-taking views, good people to great food and pleasant climate, USA is, indeed, a great place to live. With the primary purpose of helping the government and major companies appoint representatives and employees on different positions.
The survey aims to compare the Top 10 Cities with Highest Quality of Life in USA, take a look at this.
10: Atlanta, Georgia
9: Phoenix, Arizona
8: Portland, Oregon
7: Austin, Texas
6: Denver, Colorado
5: Boston, Massachusetts
4: Minneapolis, Minnesota
3: San Diego, California
2: Seattle, Washington
1: Sacramento, California
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