Here’s What The Richest Neighborhood In Las Vegas Looks Like

These people water their lawns – against the law! Plus, we’ll talk about where you can move in Vegas, too!

Everyone’s moving to Las Vegas. Well, not everyone, but it IS one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Lots of people want a warm climate and a much cheaper cost of living. I mean there is no income tax here. And look around. There’s plenty of room for more people. There might not be enough water, but there’s enough land.

In Las Vegas, there are lower class areas with rundown apartments and shootings all over the place. Then you have some middle class areas like Henderson. But there are some really super fancy communities here, too. And that’s what we’re going to look at today.

Ask anyone in Las Vegas where the biggest homes and the richest people live and they’ll tell you about two communities – Summerlin and Southern Highlands. On this drive, we’re going to check out Southern Highlands.

Southern Highlands is a gated community on the south end of the Vegas metro area – pretty much the last place you drive past as you head south out of Las Vegas. It’s in the foothills with really nice views of downtown.

The average home price here is six hundred thousand bucks, but there are some MEGA mansions here. There’s a golf course inside and a tennis club and shopping and a spa and a country club. There’s medical facilities, parks and a private police department. And inside this place are three elementary schools and a prep school that charges more than $15k a year to attend. Yes, this gated community has four schools inside its walls.

Some of the wealthiest people in Las Vegas live here. The average households earn well over $100k a year but many make WAY more than that. Toni Braxton, Raiders QB Derek Carr, singer Nick Carter, former baseball player Reggie Jackson, Penn from Penn and Teller, boxer Floyd Mayweather, MMA star Colin McGregor, Shaq and other famous people have homes in here.

We’re going to just drive around this neighborhood for a while and talk with a realtor in the area who knows all about it. That way, you can get some perspective on how the wealthy families in Las Vegas live.

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