Top 10 Cities EVERYONE is MOVING TO in America in 2024

10 Cities EVERYONE is MOVING TO in America in 2024

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 47% of Americans considered a move in 2022? That is right. Since the pandemic, almost half of the United States wanted to get out of the town they were in.
In 2023 some new cities are showing on people’s shortlists for relocation. Some of these cities are kinda surprising. Not as surprising as if Detroit was on the list, but surprising. Nothing surprises me anymore. We live in a world that has 6 Skarknado movies, and Martha Stewart is on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 81.
If you are looking to relocate and buy some real estate, these cities will be very popular in 2024 and will have a bunch of overworked Realtors.

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